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Due to covid-19 restrictions, Save Animals Greece is revising actions according to immediate needs.


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Save Animals Greece is a non profit animal welfare organization, established in 2020 & committed to a challenging MISSION to protect and improve by all lawful means the lives of all animals across Greece to ensure that they are treated with respect, care & compassion, and that they have lives free from pain & distress, full of happiness and lives worth living. Save Animals Greece aims to serve as a leading authority in animal welfare through directly run national projects & an umbrella organization in an advisory capacity supporting local partners, vets, municipalities, animal welfare organizations providing know-how, training, financial support. Our projects are built across three strategic pillars providing a holistic solution for the protection of all animals: Welfare (neutering & adoption programs) Laws (legislation design) Education (national campaigns and educational programs for schools, municipalities, vets, police)



Save a Life Project
The Save a Life Project project was launched in 2021 contributing to saving the lives of animals with serious medical issues that would not survive without proper care from specialized veterinarians. With low or non-existent municipality budgets, operations and hospitalizations required by specialized veterinarians in clinics is not possible.

Save a Stray Project
The Save a Stray Project was launched in 2020 with the promise to save strays that cannot survive on the streets and contribute to fostering with 5 euros / day for food and shelter.

Varympopi Mission

On August 3rd 2021 a wildfire raged uncontrolled north of Athens on Tuesday, burning homes and forcing authorities to order more evacuations as they grappled with 81 forest fires during Greece's worst heatwave in over 30 years. The blaze north of Athens had three main fronts at the towns of Varympopi, Adames and Thrakomakedones, scorching homes and cars and forcing residents to flee. More than 500 firefighters battled the blaze on the lower slopes of Mount Parnitha, assisted by nine helicopters, seven aircraft and 305 police in a densely vegetated area in the suburbs of Varympopi and Adames. Strays in the area are fleeing and have been caught by firefighters and transferred to volunteer homes and hundreds of horses are being transferred by volunteers. A rescue mission for injured animals with the goal spotting, feeding, rescuing and transporting injured animals to vet clinics to be treated, re-united with their families or promoted for adoption is being organized on August 4th 2021 and volunteers are scouting the area to rescue injured strays, treat, foster and promote them for adoption. In a time of national mourning, Greece needs your help for meds and food.